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into the movie biz. >> do you want to direct a film with ron howard? yeah. >> stone says he'll get his inspiration from tweets, asking people to send in photos with the hash tag inspire biz. as for ron howard -- >> i'd like to welcome you to project imagination. >> reporter: -- stone says he was an early inspiration. >> early on when we were starting twitter and we got attention really early, i said, twitter is like a child actor that's got all this attention really early and has every chance of growing up to be a troubled adult. what we want to be is like ron howard. we want to be a child actor that grows up to be a successful, stable, you know, film director. >> reporter: so amid all the flashbulbs, stone is getting set to direct getting social from hollywood. >> also starting his career early on as a graphic designer was perfect because he's artistic but he's also innovative in what he does with technology and business and how he connects with people. >> reporter: and expecting a lot of tweets in return. >> and sit back and have everyone tell me, you're great. all right, i'm great.
every chance to be a troubled adult. we want to be ron howard. we want to be a child actor that grows up to be a successful, stable film director. >> the deadline to submit a photo for project imagination was 9:00 tonight. >>> three-time gold medalist and south bay native kerry walsh says she was moody during the london olympics but didn't know why. turns out the olympic superstar was already five weeks pregnant when she was diving all over the sand out in london. she and her husband announced they are expecting their third child on the "today" show with matt lauer. the couple has two boys. they have a feeling that baby three will be a girl. kerry walsh is due next april. >> pregnant with those abs. >> with those abs. and with the three medals. >> yeah. okay. >>> we have dave feldman tonight? >> i don't know. i'm going to focus on her abs. that's all i want to talk about. >> dave, be careful. take it away. >> jessica, i have that same type of wash board stomach. i'm not going to show you right now. it was a crazy weekend in the nfl. monday night football was no exception. an ending you h
was the aid of ron howard from pictures tweeted to him including maybe one of these. >> and i want to create something relevant and meaningful. and l is something people can feel good about. >> in 1902 rodan gave us the thinker, now we have the tweeter. >> biz stone? i'll look it up on the internet. >> and that is pretty cool. you can inspire by tweeting your pictures and we have more details on the project on abc 7 >> and that is latino students made up the majority of the people taking the california. 36% said they're of latino heritage compared to white test takers and asian americans and african americans about 7%. nearly half also said english was not exclusively their first language. >> new york city is expanding it's program of offering so called morning after pill. 13 schools are now participating in this program called catch. and parents were notified and given a chance to opt out. some say it's a bad idea others argue did it not encourage teen pregnancy but prevents it. >> governor brown signed legislation to increase detection of breast cancer, one measure ensur
with the help of director ron howard. wayne freedman shows us what it's all about. >> reporter: if art is in the eye of the beholder, maybe the same holds true for inspiration. one need not look further than hermman in san francisco today. >> it's just an awesome opportunity judge a man is in a booth, tweeting. does he look familiar? yes, tweeting with the purpose of inspiring other people to take photos that will in turn, inspire him to make a movie. >> there is always something going on. i mean, your mind just wanders. even if it's as simple as a man walking through a city. why did he walk into the city? did he run out of gas? >> reporter: in another time and place, we might call this street theater. now the word tweet theater might seem more appropriate because the man is none other than biz stone. biz stone, the co-founder of twitter. an absolute rock star among those in the know. >> people my age, rock stars were the rolling stones, you know. hendricks, i don't know. maybe nirvana. >> reporter: as part of a promotion, rock stars have been asked to make and direct 10 short movies w
to direct a short film with the help of director ron howard. wayne shows us what it's all about. >> if art is in the eye of the beholder then maybe the same holds true for inspiration. example of that than this plaza in san francisco today. >> such an awesome opportunity. >>reporter: so here we have a man sitting in a booth tweeting. does he look familiar? >> sitting at the table there. >>reporter: yes and tweeting with the purpose of inspiring other people to take photo that will in turn inspare him to make a movie. >> there is always something going on. your mind just wanders. even if it's something as simple as a man walking through a city. like why is he walking through the city. did he run out of gas? >>reporter: in another time and place we might call this street theater. now day the word tweet theater might seem more appropriate. because the man in the booth is none other than biz stone. co-founder of twitter. salute rock star among those in the know. >> my age rock star were the rolling stones. hendrix. i don't know. maybe even up to nirvana. >>reporter: as part of
of six who will be tutored by director ron howard to create a 10 minute film, inspiration must come from pictures find by the public. stone says taking on the role of filmmaker makes him ail little nervous. >> i feel a lot of pressure to honor the photos that these people have submitted. i want to create something that is relevant aspirational, meaningful. >> the deadline for tweeting photos to stone was last night, sorry about that. he will be looking through the pictures, looking for inspiration. >>> today on katie, barbra streisand makes a rare tv appearance. she talks about working with her son. >> i tell you, when i heard his -- the things he's recorded, the musicianship, the sound of his voice. it is like he has a little chamber music orchestra, his sweetness, his inventiveness, musically, i said jason, i have to sing with you. you have to be on my duets album. not only that, you have to come -- he's never performed live. >> he's going to be performing with you in brooklyn? >> more on "katie" 3 p.m. right here on abc7. >> if he can sing with her, that's something because she is qui
was noticed as part of a contest by the director ron howard, and we've added sexy background music to enhance the effect. ♪ kiss me darling ♪ kiss me like you'll never kiss again ♪ >> when the photo went big-time viral the photographer found the woman who told an interviewer, we had a crazy romance all summer. it is like a movie. there have been some wonderful additions lately to the classic web theme of photo bombing. that's when someone unintended ends up in the picture without you realizing it. there's a groet repository of them on buzz feed. the best photo bombers are animal friends the hippo who wanted in on the shot a lot of cats bombing other photo opes. there's the wedding horse, the bear in the background and the flying bird. aamid the penguins instant seal post heidi klum breakup and this shot considered the granddaddy of them all, the squirrel that photo bombed the family vacation. another genre is dog shaming, dogs bad who can't read and too ashamed to look at signing the owners post. it's especially big in britain, and these perpetrators are exposed to the world along with
of his son. opie taylor, played by, guess who? ron howard. this was a single-parent relationship, driven by love and respect. >> going to give me a whipping? >> that's one of the reasons why the relationship has endured. there's something authentic about it. >> reporter: and at number one, your favorite tv dad, cliff huxtable, bill cosby, who understood that parenting was no easy task opinion >> you guys are funny. why is it that every time i kiss my wife, a child pops up. >> reporter: when son, theo, has a poor report card, he appeals to his father's understanding. >> maybe you can just accept me who i am and love me anyway, because i'm your son. >> and bill just waits. and he waits. and he waits. and then, bill responds. >> theo, that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life. >> he was a father who took a stand. >> i'm telling you, you are going to try as hard as you can. >> he was not a milquetoast dad. >> i brought you in this world. and i'll take you out. >> reporter: and american audiences fell in love with a strong, upwardly mobile, successful black family. a doctor, whose w
. >> exactly. you wrote ron howard, henry winkler and steven spielberg all came to watch the taping of that show. what was it like to be caught up in the middle of that? >> well, ron and henry were on the next stage so they came over. we shot on different nights, we split a crew, and we were in front of an audience. we were more worried about that than worried about who was standing in the wings, but it was something, steven said you did that in ten minutes, we would have taken weeks to do that scene. >> you went on to become an extremely successful and well-known director, and i was going to ask you what is it about your personality that makes you so good, and i think it might be this quote from the book about still having fun in your life. i've never wanted to grow up and stop playing. i still try to maintain a connection to the sense of play that i remember from my childho childhood. those experiences taught me the lessons that came in handy later in my life. try hard, help your friends, don't get too crazy and have fun. >> yeah. >> good words to live by. >> i think so. >> i thin
moments caught on tape. melissa mccarthy and julianna margulies goofing around. presenter ron howard spitting out his gum just before taking the stage. and ron chatting it up with emmy award winner, claire danes. >> we were able to follow claire and her yellow gown all night long last night. she made the whole thing look effortless and yellow was really a big color last night. but stars and their stylists spend hours prepping for the big awards. >> so impressed with that. >> thank you. you did it well, too. >> i would have said lands end. now, what about all the numbers? how much does it cost to send an actress down the red carpet? we're breaking it down for you. >> rented jewelry and the hair is up. it's been hours. >> this dress came to me from my stylist. a lot of girls wanted this dress. >> this is actually the only dress of any designers that i tried on. >> cost of the emmys is a high figure. six, seven figure night. >> marvette britto has worked with many stars to get them ready. when we met her at henry bendel, she told us what tops the premium price list. a-list hair and make
lives. world war ii veteran ron powers remembers v.j. day well. >> i was in the streets like everyone else jumping for joy. >> howard traveled to massachusetts, grateful for the sacrifices many made to secure freedom. >> these guys deserve verything. i'm sorry. >> the world was changed by their courage and yet they marvel the challenges we face today. i think it's more complicated. at least when we were at war, you knew who was who and what you were fighting for. any sense.n't make is the nation's deep gratitude for those who fought out of duty, not glory. >> to some generations, much is given. s other generations, much i asked. but this generation of has a rendezvous with destiny. abc 7 news. with >> 67 years ago on the u.s.s. missouri japan surrendered. neighborhood under water t after a powerful storm popped up and check in with meteorologist steve gruden on where things >> we're back and continuing to monitor the weather situation o be se this is not going t vernight thing. not just an overnight thing. >> no. it's going to last until wednesday we think right now. f the rain, iest
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)